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'It has made a difference'

ACCRA, Ghana — The Relief Society sisters of the Accra New Town Ward and the North Ridge Ward combined to celebrate the 161st anniversary of the women's organization of the Church by donating clothing and medical supplies to the Accra (Ghana) Psychiatric Hospital. With the help of LDS Charities donations, they took nine bales of used clothing and 35 boxes of medical supplies to the hospital on March 15.

Bishop Titus Tagoe of the North Ridge Ward and Jane Ayisi-Sarfo, Relief Society president of the Accra New Town Ward, represented the Church in making the presentation. Ethel Lartey, principal nursing officer, and Madame Grace Johnson, deputy director of nursing services, accepted on behalf of the hospital. Mrs. Lartey said, "We are so happy for your visit. It has made such a difference and may God bless you." She invited the Relief Society sisters to visit often and give encouragement to the patients.

After the presentation, the sisters were conducted on a tour of the facilities. As they went to some of the hospital wards, they were moved upon to sing to the patients. The sisters were particularly moved by the children's ward with the beautiful bright murals on the walls and the loving care given by the few nurses there.