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Self-employment seminar

PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria — Seventy people showed up for a Self-Employment Seminar sponsored by the Port Harcourt Nigeria Stake Employment Resource Center Feb. 24-26. Participants ranged in age from 20 to 70, and from no experience in working for themselves to business owners who wanted to improve.

"Rather than train people how to look for jobs that are not available, we will train them to create their own jobs and companies and then they can employ others," said Clarkson Apiafi Corupiri Pepple, the resource center's director. Brother Pepple decided to organize the seminar because the economy was slow and companies were not hiring.

At the conclusion of the seminar, 35 people reported that they were ready to start their own small businesses immediately. One said, "Previously, I thought there were many obstacles in front of me, but now I know there is no obstacle I cannot overcome."

Brother Pepple plans a "Return and Report" session in three months. He and his team of volunteers are also planning a second self-employment seminar, as well as a basic math and reading skills improvement workshop.