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Utahns profiled

Editor's note: This past week, Deseret News reporter Joe Bauman and photographer Scott Winterton visited Utahns in Fort Carson, Colo., whose units have been called up for training and to be trainers themselves. On Page A11, they offer brief portraits of several of them. An example:

Sgt. Mike Lyon, Kaysville

Lyon hugs a pillow on which is printed a photo of his fiancee blowing a kiss. She asked if he wanted her to spray the pillow with perfume.

"I'm like, 'Of course!' "

Lyon wants his fiancee, Tiffany Williams, to visit every other weekend.

"A little expensive, but you know, it's worth it. It's all worth it. Because once we get out there, who knows how long we're going to be away . . . ."