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Medical waiver not right

Recently I visited a doctor for a medical condition. After the exam, the specialist outlined my treatment options but refused to render such care himself because I had declined to waive my constitutional right to a judge and jury on his patient intake form.

The doctor told me that the Utah Medical Association had advised all Utah physicians to use the waiver form. In place of judge and jury, the waiver substituted a three-member panel made up entirely of the doctor's fellow doctors.

The doctor told me that the right to a jury is only important in criminal trials, and that jurors lack the intelligence to decide the facts in medical malpractice cases.

Our forefathers bled and died to establish and preserve our constitutional right to due process, including judges and jurors in civil cases. The surrender of constitutional rights will become a prerequisite to obtaining medical care over our founding forefathers' dead bodies, and maybe one day, our own.

Scott D. Brown