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People 'talk' via votes

Sen. Curtis Bramble stated, "The only public opinion poll that matters is the first Tuesday in November." Well, how utterly brilliant! We did vote on the term limits issue at exactly that time, did we not? When the people voted for term limits in 1994 — or when they have voted for anything else — they have spoken.

Sen. Bramble and others like him have a horrible penchant for going back and tampering, tinkering, changing, and even canceling the laws voted on by the people the first Tuesday in November. Politicians should know we want them to serve their terms, and then go back to their real jobs. I believe this is what the Founding Fathers intended because that is what they did, went back to their real jobs.

It's like living with the scandals of Bill and Hillary Clinton over and over again.

Dee Louise ONeal

Salt Lake City