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Is Pearl Harbor a terror target?

Terrorists linked to al-Qaida have targeted U.S. military facilities in Pearl Harbor, including nuclear-powered submarines and ships, The Washington Times reported Monday.

The story by Bill Gertz, stated that intelligence reports about the terrorist threat to the Hawaiian harbor bombed by the Japanese in World War II were sent to senior U.S. officials in the past two weeks and coincided with reports of the planning of a major attack by Osama bin Laden's terrorist group.

Gertz states that according to officials familiar with the reports, al-Qaida is planning an attack on Pearl Harbor because of its symbolic value and because its military facilities are open from the air.

The attacks would be carried out by hijacked airliners from nearby Honolulu International Airport that would be flown into submarines or ships docked at Pearl Harbor in suicide missions, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity.