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Obituary: Chet H. Vance

Dearly beloved son, father & best friend

Chet H. Vance, age 26, passed away Mar. 22, 2003.

Born Sept. 5, 1976 in Salt Lake City to Paul H. and Elizabeth Alegria Vance.

Chet was a kind and generous man to all who knew him, and never had a bad word for anyone. He loved the outdoors: hiking, nature, and the ocean.

He is survived by his fiancee' Michelle Bird; two daughters, Sadie and Pyper Vance; his parents; four sisters: Cheryl Ann, Sheila L., StacieLe, Cassie Ann; two brothers, Kyle Tracy Parkin and Tyler Ryan Parkin; grandparents Ellis and Donna Vance; Tomasa Jarvis and Arthur Alegria.

Private family services will be held at a later time.