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War deserves support

The conflict we are engaged in cannot keep public opinion on its side for long. First of all, this war is going to take longer than most of the general public thought it would. Secondly, the press will continue to focus on the negative aspects of this war. A longer war is one of those negatives.

We could very well have won this war in less than a week had we unleashed the full strength of our military might. However, this scenario could only play out at the expense of hundreds of thousands of innocent people being killed.

We should be proud of the fact we have a military strong enough to be able to conduct a war the way we are. I don't know of any other nation that would put the lives of innocent civilians on such a high pedestal during a war. This strategy is unique to America. It deserves our support.

Tech. Sgt. Robert Ray Richards

USAF (Reserves)