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The faces of war

A member of the 42 Commando Royal Marines holds his position as an Iraqi woman nears in Umm Qasr, southern Iraq, Saturday. Britain said Saturday that malfunctioning Iraqi SAMs have fallen back on Baghdad.

A soldier with the Army's 3rd Infantry Division holds confiscated photo of Saddam Hussein. Another soldier added the crosshairs.

U.S. Marines treat a wounded Iraqi girl Saturday. The four-year-old girl, blood streaming from an eye wound, was screaming for her mother, who had just died: The family was caught in crossfire after local soldiers apparently forced civilians toward U.S. positions.

A man with a tomato-laden donkey smiles after the British Army allowed him to cross a Euphrates River bridge to return to Basra Saturday. Thousands of people were gathered on both sides of the bridge leading to the south of the city on Saturday, most trying to escape to find food and water, but others trying to get in.