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Local births

Ogden Regional Medical Center

BARNUM, Michele and Donald John, Syracuse, girl, March 13

BEASLEY, Debra Maria and Ryan Keith, Ogden, girl, March 12

BROADHEAD, Shelli and Chad Eldred, North Ogden, boy, March 16

BYRNE, Jennifer Diane and Joseph Steven, Ogden, girl, March 13

CLARK, Stephanie and Thomas James, Roy, girl, March 12

CRUM, Rebecca Ara and Brandon Eric, Layton, boy, March 17

DILLEY, Angela Elaine and Keith Spencer, Ogden, boy, March 17

DODSON, Nacole Bea and GILL, John Drakeford Jr., Layton, girl, March 12

EGGETT, Patricia Anne and Michael Lee, Sunset, girl, March 13

ELMER, Destani Ra and Jonathan Douglas, Ogden, boy, March 18

FUSTOS, Victoria and Robert Chandler, Ogden, boy, March 12

GALLEGOS, Lorraine Joyce and COLLINS, Jeffrey Andrew, Ogden, girl, March 12

GARCIA, Trina Ann and QUINONES, Daniel Francisco, Ogden, boy, March 18

GONZALES, Michelle and John Manuel Jr., Riverdale, girl, March 10

HARRIS, Sabrina Ann and Ryan Delon, Ogden, girl, March 18

HOLLAND, Carole Ann and Daniel Vance, Layton, girl, March 19

JAMES, Ruth Anne and Chad Hutton, Roy, boy, March 13

KNUDSEN, Koryn and Jeremy Curtis, Farmington, girl, March 12

LANGE, Melissa Renee and VAUGHN, Mark Thomas, Riverdale, girl, March 16

LEE, Penelope Frampton and FERNANDEZ, Ryan Anthony, Pleasant View, girl, March 15

LEE, Brooke and Matt Isaac, Roy, boy, March 11

LITTLE, Melissa and Aarron Floyd, Clinton, girl, March 12

MADRIGAL, Evelyn and AVALOS, Jaime Ivan, Ogden, girl, March 18

MARSH, Lindsay Marie and Christopher Scott, Clearfield, boy, March 13

MAXFIELD, Connie Lillias and Darius Taylor, Lyman, boy, March 13

McCOWEN, Heather Dawn and Michael Jay, Roy, boy, March 11

MORGAN, Staci Lee and Darren Max, North Ogden, girl, March 17

NEWMAN, Natalie and Kenneth Eugene, Ogden, girl, March 19

PERAZA, Tresithney Janet and Emilse Antonio, Ogden, boy, March 14

PROCTOR, Hope Lynn and Brandon Lawrence, South Ogden, girl, March 19

RANSOM, Jolene and Andre Leslie, Roy, girl, March 12

RICH, Karen Dawn and Ryan Daniel, Clearfield, boy, March 16

RINGEL, Tiffany Cheryl and Branden Joshua, Brigham City, girl, March 14

ROSKELLEY, Michelle Jeanette and Douglas Skinner, Huntsville, girl, March 19

RUSHFORTH, Rebecca and Brett Hollist, Kaysville, girl, March 18

SANCHEZ, Amanda and Pablo, Ogden, girl, March 14

STEED, Rachelle Noreen and Shelby C., Ogden, girl, March 16

THOMPSON, Amanda Lynn and Trent Varge, Washington Terrance, girl, March 18

THOMPSON, Ramona Theresa and Erik Lynn, Clinton, boy, March 17

THOMPSON, Stacie Lynn and Brian Andrew, Washington Terrace, girl, March 18

VAN DYKE, Lindy Clarissa and Kip Robert, Ogden, boy, March 9

VAUGHN, Tanya Nichole and MALMBERG, Wesley Glenn, Ogden, girl, March 16

WATSON, Julie Ann and Jason Clay, Ft. Bridger, girl, March 17

ZUNIGA, Consuelo and Juan, Clearfield, boy, March 11

St. Mark's Hospital

BASFORD, Jennifer Paige, Sandy, girl, March 12

BELLOSO, Karla Damarys and BERRY, Danontay Frenchie, Kearns, boy, March 12

BETTERTON, Marcie Beth, Salt Lake City, girl, March 9

BILLS, Karrie Wells and Scott Vern, Salt Lake City, boy, March 10

BITSCHE, Phyllis Reene and SWENSEN, Russell Reed, Sandy, boy, March 8

BURRIDGE, Toni Marie and Jonathan Paul, Salt Lake City, boy, March 8

BURT, Jamey Ray, Magna, boy, March 9

CERVANTES, Meredith and Lawrence Patino, Park City, girl, March 11

CHAMBERLAIN, Maja Melissa and Josh James, Tayulorsville, girl, March 12

CHEN, Shaoming and LIN, Li An, Murray, boy, March 12

COLOVICH, Bella Theresa and Sam Bigler, Tooele, girl, March 8

CUNNINGHAM, Sarah Anne and Richard Brandon, Magna, girl, March 8

DAWSON, Charlene and Jeffrey Michael, Draper, boy, March 10

DUZETT, Lara Elizabeth and Todd Berg, Salt Lake City, girl, March 12

FELIX, Amy Camille and Brent Argyle, Salt Lake City, girl, March 10

FLEISCHER, Celeste and Thomas Mark, North Salt Lake City, boy, March 11

HOFFMAN, Monica Ann and Eric Michael, Sal tLake City, girl, March 12

KORVER, Gretchen Elizabeth and Kirk Frederick, Salt Lake City, boy, March 11

LEITNER, Sophon and Gregory Scott, Murray, boy, March 8

LEWIS, Tina Marie and Samuel Eben, South Jordan, boy, March 12

McDONOUGH, Carrie Lynn and Shea Kenyon, Salt Lake City, boy, March 8

McKAY, Cinthia Elaine and Thomas Taylor, West Valley City, girl, March 11

MORRIS, Jenifer and Christoher Scott, South Salt Lake, girl, March 12

NELSON, Laurie and Cody Burt, Holladay-Cottonwood, girl, March 11

NGUYEN, Quy Nigoe, West Valley City, girl, March 9

OLSEN, Teri Louise and Bradley Dan, Sandy, girl, March 11

ORELLANA, Cherie Kay and Elder Misael, West Valley City, girl, March 12

PARRA LEON, Ivonne, West Valley City, girl, March 8

RINQUEST, Jessica and Delbert Stapley, West Valley City, boy, March 8

SMITH, Randie Kae and Kyle George, West Valley City, boy, March 10

SNYDER, Charity Marie and Bryon Jay, West Jordan, boy, March 11

SPACKMAN, Lindsey hall and OLIVARES, Rodolfo Tirso Jr., Salt Lake City,boy, March 8

STALEY, Anna Janae and Ryan Lee, South Jordan, girl, March 8

STEWART, Carla Jeanne and Reed Howard, Salt Lake City, boy, March 8

STOWELL, Rebekah Joy, West Valley City, boy, March 10

SUNDBERG, Cindy Mae and Eric Anthony, Clearfield, girl, March 12

TARKESHIAN, Candace Marie and Abraham Jon, Holladay-Cottonwood, girl, March 12

TAYLOR, Marci Leona and James Scott, Orem, boy, March 11

WARREN, Shelly Marie, Salt Lake City, boy, March 11

WHEELER, Tammy Christine and Audie Michael, Park City, boy, March 12

WILSON, Christie Adelle and Jerrold Darin, Eagle Mountain, boy, March 8

WORKMAN, Erika and Michael Stephen, Taylorsville, girl, March 10