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Net offers for fans

In addition to major league baseball's addition of Internet video this year, pro leagues offer these Internet offerings:

The NBA Inside Ticket for $9.95 per month includes the Audio League Pass, a stat service, "Top Dunks of the Week," NBA news and highlights, a look at key game moments, player interviews, archives of regular-season highlights, fantasy league information, bloopers and analysis. A RealOne SuperPass, for $14.95 per month, adds a two-minute daily video recap, the "Dunk of the Night," "Top Dunks of the Season," video from NBA Matchup, breaking NBA news and league and team press conferences, and access to other sports and entertainment Web sites. Details are at offers live radio coverage, highlights, pre- and post-game programming, press conferences and archived games.

Major league baseball's Club Gameday Audio costs $11.95 to get audio feeds from a single team for the entire season. Access to audio feeds through Gameday Audio to all games costs $19.95 for the season, which includes access to archived games. Total Ticket, costing $9.95 per month, includes other features. Details are at