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Bachauer enhancing arts

The Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation recently completed the fourth installment of Music In Our Schools by presenting 140 programs to 26,415 children in 35 elementary schools in the Jordan School District.

The positive reaction of the students and teachers was coupled with the respect due the arts and wishes that arts in the schools be reinstated in early education curriculum. Visiting artists were impressed by the beautiful buildings and sincere appreciation rendered by school-age children. Equally astounding was the fact that the majority of the selected schools had no regularly established music programs.

The Bachauer Foundation is proud to sponsor the Music In Our Schools program. Our sincere thanks to Gerald "Skip" Daynes of Daynes Music and Iain B. McKay and his committee. We are confident that these programs will contribute to the dictum of Martin Luther that "If everybody studied music, there would never be war."

Paul C. Pollei

Dennis L. McCracken

Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation