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Tonight on TV

Let's Make a Deal (7 p.m., Ch. 5): The classic game show returns with a new host (Billy Bush). At least there are no fake millionaires or bachelorettes.

American Idol (7 p.m., Ch. 13): Utahn Carmen Rasmussen competes in the "wild card" show.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (7 p.m., Ch. 24): As expected, this will be the final season for "Buffy." Happily, it will be going out at (or, at least, near) the top of its game. UPN and the show's producers are still discussing the possibility of a spin-off, but there's been no decision yet. (Repeat)

Frasier (8 p.m., Ch. 5): Newly divorced Kenny looks to Frasier for support.

24 (8 p.m., Ch. 13): Jack plans to sacrifice himself to save Los Angeles.

MWAH! The Best of the Dinah Shore Show (8:30 p.m., Ch. 7): Remembering a TV icon.

The Family (9 p.m., Ch. 4): ABC continues to demonstrate just how low it can go with this new "reality" series in which members of a competitive, extended family battle one for $1 million.