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'Peter Pan' is high-flying fun

PETER PAN,SCERA Encore Season, 745 S. State, through March 17. Tickets: (801) 225-2569. Running time: two hours (one intermission).

OREM — Somewhere between here and Neverland is the SCERA Encore Season's production of "Peter Pan." While it has a few things to crow about, this production could use a little more pixie dust.

The cast is filled with talented volunteers who have worked hard on stage and behind the scenes to make all of the elements of this show come together. With the help of the ZFX flying services from Las Vegas, the audience meets a flying Peter Pan up close and personal. The flying segments are fun and add to the production.

Fred Lee plays Peter Pan, the eternal boy who guides a group of lost boys in their efforts to thwart the evil Captain Hook (Eric Glissmeyer) and his band of pirates. Both Lee and Glissmeyer have great stage presence and singing voices. Kristen Rae Hill plays Wendy, the "mother" figure to the lost boys who wants nothing more than to take care of the boys, love Peter and grow up. Hill does a nice job of it even if her flying is a bit awkward at times.

Other than Lee, Glissmeyer and Katey Lynn Lowder (Mrs. Darling), the cast is made up of kids and teenagers. To their credit, there are some great moments. Of particular note is the "Ugg-A-Wugg" production number at the beginning of Act 2. The precision timing is wonderful. The children are enthusiastic and really have fun mingling with the audience prior to the show. The crocodile is creative and entertaining.

But this production is not perfect. The sets don't come together and there are awkward transitions, off-stage interference, timing concerns and missed cues. It wants to be a great production, but the negatives just won't let it "grow up."

Still, this is a good production for young children. And it could be a wonderful way to introduce them to live theater. There were many children in the audience and all seemed to be having fun right down to the booing of Captain Hook on his stage entrances.

If you go, ignore the glitches and enjoy the fun.