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Hearing waived in ZCMI kidnapping case

Myra Sue Izer, one of three people charged with kidnapping a baby from ZCMI Center, waived a preliminary hearing Thursday before 3rd District Judge Frank Noel because discussions are under way for a plea bargain.

Izer has been charged with first-degree felony child kidnapping for allegedly taking part in an incident in which various individuals reportedly removed an infant from the mall on Jan. 28 while the mother went outside to smoke a cigarette, according to court records.

Two other individuals, Harold Danny Rutledge Jr. and Cassandra Jo Gonzales, also are charged with first-degree felony child kidnapping in the same alleged crime, court records state. Their cases are being handled separately.

The child was recovered by police the next day after two people brought the baby into the YWCA, according to court documents.