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Poison victim seeks divorce

PROVO — The wife of a former BYU student charged with trying to poison her on several occasions while she was pregnant has filed for divorce and is seeking sole custody of their child.

Citing cruelty, great emotional distress and suffering, Sarah Grace Turner filed a petition for divorce in 4th District Court on Feb. 28.

Paul Turner has been in the Utah County jail since Oct. 28, after turning himself in to police and allegedly confessed to trying to poison his wife by baking cookies laced with rat poison, switching her injection medication with fish-tank cleaner and making a spaghetti dinner using what he believed were poisonous mushrooms.

Turner faces four first-degree felony counts of attempted aggravated murder: two counts for his wife and two counts for their then-unborn child.

The divorce papers also allege Paul Turner was heavily into Internet pornography. Police believe Sarah Turner's disapproval of her husband's pornography habit was a factor in the alleged poisoning attempts.

Sarah Turner's attorney, Craig Snyder, alleges Paul Turner also browsed Internet sites shopping for a hit man and for lists dealing with poisonous mushrooms.

An evidentiary hearing scheduled for Wednesday in 4th District Court was postponed at the request of defense attorney Tom Means. "We need more time to investigate the contents of his computer," Means said.

The hearing was moved to March 28 before Judge Anthony Schofield.

Paul Turner has yet to file a response to the divorce petition.