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Grisham film premiere to benefit university

The made-for-television movie produced from author John Grisham's semi-autobiographical novel "A Painted House" will get its first showing at Arkansas State University.

Proceeds from the premiere and associated events will go to an endowment fund for Arkansas State's doctoral program in heritage studies, the school announced Wednesday.

Grisham, born in Jonesboro in 1955, spent much of his youth in northeastern Arkansas. He's become a regular presence on best seller lists with his legal thrillers, including "The Firm," "The Pelican Brief" and "The Client."

The film version of "A Painted House," based on Grisham's childhood, is scheduled to air April 27 on CBS in a Hallmark Hall of Fame broadcast.

But it will be shown first on April 14 on the ASU campus. Grisham is expected to speak before the screening, which he asked to have at the university.