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Notes and quotes from the world of sports

"It felt like I had a little leprechaun or a little basketball god just kind of push it over, and it went in for me. I thought it was off, and I couldn't even do my good dance on that one."

Robert Horry, after his 3-point shot Wednesday saved the Lakers from overtime against Boston and kept Los Angeles a game and a half behind sixth-seeded Utah in the West.

"That's the best I've ever seen him throw. With the stuff he showed and the poise he showed, it's definitely a step in the right direction. If he can maintain that, he's definitely ready to pitch here."

— Angels manager Mike Scioscia, about pitcher Chris Bootcheck's performance against Seattle's regulars this week in an exhibition game in Arizona. Bootcheck is expected to start the season with the Salt Lake Stingers.

"When it came down to it, the opportunity to work with (Broncos head coach) Mike Shanahan was the determinant factor, and also a franchise that has won Super Bowls and is on that same course to do it again, I believe."

Jake Plummer, after signing to play next season with Denver.