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The written word: What sports columnists had to say this week

Ladies and gentlemen, the Ringling Bros. and Hootie & Martha Circus is proud to welcome the latest addition to the Masters circus.

"I'm the nut," Joseph Harper said. He's the Klan guy, who should not be confused with any of the other characters under Augusta National's big top. Actually, the circus and zoo analogies no longer do it justice. No self-respecting elephant would take part in the screwball comedy this year's Masters is turning into.

The Masters has gone from golf tournament to political forum, where special-interest groups will flock to be heard. At least, unlike Martha Burk, the Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan knew the Masters couldn't just be moved from Augusta National. He even has a favorite golfer: "Tiger Woods," Harper said. Huh?

"One thing I like about him is the fact he's a black man who's worked for what he's got," Harper said.

David Whitley, The Orlando Sentinel