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Ohrn works Miners' magic

OGDEN — Add the circular-framed black glasses and Bingham High's Travis Ohrn could double as Harry Potter. But the similarities don't end there.

The senior point guard possesses the same type of magic as the fictional film character, but the difference is that Ohrn's magic is for real.

Ohrn scored 13 points, dished out four assists and recorded two steals as No. 2 Bingham advanced to the semifinals with a 59-55 victory over Region 1 champion Fremont.

"We have him," Bingham coach John Bosco said pointing to Ohrn, "and they don't . . . He's the best point guard in the state. He's a gamer and a winner."

The chant of "Harry Potter" began last year by opposing fans, but Ohrn and his fans have since turned it into a positive.

"It gets me fired up," Ohrn said of the chant. "Everyone thinks it bugs me, but I like it."

Now the Miners get their third shot at Region 2 rival Jordan.

"Their (Jordan's) fans were chanting 'we want Bingham'. They've got us," Bosco said.

In their previous two meetings Bingham beat Jordan 77-66 and 51-50 in overtime.

Ohrn, who averages 8.5 points a game, has been the kingpin of the Miners' 21-2 season.

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Thursday was no different.

Ohrn scored four straight points in the last minute of the third quarter to give Bingham its first lead of the game. From there the Miners cruised.

The Silver Wolves (16-7) went scoreless for the first four minutes of the fourth quarter and they would never recover.

During that stretch, the Miners built the lead to five, but eventually got the lead to as high as six with two minutes left.

Jared Roberts led the Miners with 14 points, and Blair Prowse, who left for three minutes with a mild concussion after banging his head on the floor early in the third quarter, finished with 10 as did Danny Stosich.

Fremont led for all off the first half, thanks to 10-of-16 shooting from the field.

"Everyone comes out on fire against us," Ohrn said. "We stepped it up after that."

Bosco agreed.

"We knew if we could weather the storm they were not going to shoot that way for 32 minutes."

Travis Thompson led Fremont with a game-high 19 points, and Ryan Sanchez and Tyler Herzog added 13 and 10 points, respectively.