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Family has 4 cars stolen overnight

A Cottonwood Heights family with some sound sleepers might be feeling particularly unlucky this morning.

The family had four cars stolen out of its unlocked garage Thursday morning near 8300 South and 3000 East. While the family slept, someone took keys for the cars from the kitchen, entered the unlocked garage and stole a 2003 silver Mitsubishi Montero, a white Jeep Liberty, a 2001 white Subaru Legacy and a 2000 gray Chevy Suburban.

Shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday the Suburban was found abandoned in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County Sheriff's deputy Peggy Faulkner said. The vehicle had been "cleaned out," she said, meaning most of the expensive items inside the car, including the global satellite tracking device, were ripped out.

Investigators believe the car thefts are the work of a group of people rather than a single individual.

The homeowner won't have to worry about taking the bus, however. His Mercedes was parked at work when the thefts occurred.

Anyone with information on the other stolen vehicles should call the sheriff's office at 743-7000.