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Ogden couple critical after vehicle hits tree

OGDEN — A husband and wife remained in critical condition Thursday morning at McKay Dee Hospital after smashing into a tree during a police chase.

The man, 24, and his wife, 22, refused to pull over for police just before midnight Tuesday after police tried to stop them for no front license plate and a registration infraction near 12th Street and Wall Avenue.

That pursuit ended after the officer lost sight of the vehicle. Fifteen minutes later. however, an Ogden police officer spotted the car again near 40th Street and Riverdale Road.

The Utah Highway Patrol joined in the chase and tried to spike the car's tires in the 900 block of 27th Street. The driver tried to avoid the spike strip by accelerating and swerving but lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a nearby tree, said Ogden police Lt. John Stubbs.

The driver was ejected and his wife, who was in the passenger seat, was pinned in the vehicle. A third person, who was wearing his seat belt in the back and reportedly kept telling the couple to pull over, was not injured, Stubbs said. That man was not arrested.

Investigators discovered both the man and woman had outstanding warrants and were in possession of methamphetamine.