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Lawsuits seeking headsets with cell phones dismissed

BALTIMORE — A federal judge dismissed five lawsuits seeking to force cell phone manufacturers to provide headsets to protect users from radiation emitted by the devices.

The suits claimed cell phone makers Nokia and Motorola sold wireless phones that were "defective and unreasonably dangerous" because they didn't include warnings that headsets could reduce the risks of brain tumors.

U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake dismissed the cases Thursday, saying they are pre-empted by federal standards regulating cell phones.

In September, Blake dismissed an $800 million lawsuit brought by a Baltimore neurologist who claimed cell phones gave him brain cancer.

That suit was brought by the law firm of Peter Angelos, which also helped file the five suits dismissed this week. The class action suits, filed in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia and Louisiana, included similar claims and sought punitive damages and attorney fees.

Angelos attorney Russell Smouse said Friday he and attorneys in the other states would review the order before deciding whether to appeal.

Several studies have found no adverse health effects from cell phones, but the Food & Drug Administration, which regulates wireless phones along with the Federal Communications Commission, supports additional research.