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The winners and the losers

Winner: The University of Utah continues to push the cutting edge of medical research. This week, the school announced it has found a way to conduct a gene test that accurately detects the most common form of muscular dystrophy, and it does it faster and cheaper than tests that currently are available. The new test will help people make better, more informed decisions about health care and risks. It's another testament to the impressive talent assembled at this state's largest public university.

Loser: We're glad the attorney general's office has told Utah County Attorney Kay Bryson he's out of line, even if Bryson plans to ignore it. Bryson's contention that the county can't pay its employees who are reservists training for war strains credulity. He contends he is bound by recent court rulings prohibiting counties from expending money without showing a tangible benefit in the same year. Hence, the reservists will not draw a salary while they train.

The benefit, of course, is that the nation, and its system of government — including the county — are allowed to survive. National defense would seem to be a quite tangible return on the investment, for the county and all other employers losing workers to the cause.

Winner: The new state song, "Utah, This is the Place," which was approved by the Legislature during the session that ended last week, is far more easy to sing than the old one, which has been redesignated as the state hymn. It's downright catchy. Still, given how out of harmony many lawmakers are with average Utahns, it may be best if they refrain from opening any future sessions by trying to sing it.