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Mild, springlike weather expected this weekend

Get out the golf clubs.

The forecast for this weekend is partly cloudy, dry and mild, with warm, springlike temperatures (upper 50s and 60s), according to the National Weather Service. Next week looks warm and mild, too.

"We had a little brief bit of winter earlier this week, but we'll have spring weather for a while," said Pete Wilensky, lead forecaster for the Salt Lake office of the National Weather Service.

A weak storm front will move through northern Utah Sunday night, clouding up the sky and giving a slight chance of rain. Other than that, "there will be some cloudiness around, but no real threat of precipitation," Wilensky said.

Keep in mind, though, that spring comes and goes this time of year. Long-range forecasts are calling for possible rain and mountain snow next weekend, but that could easily change as the week progresses.