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Bees, T-Birds both athletic

The 4A championship game will feature the two most athletic teams in the tournament. Timpview showed its depth in its semifinal win over Sky View. If one guy's having an off night, another T-Bird can beat you. Center Chris Miles, patrolling the paint, has so far been the best defensive player in the tournament, and the T-Birds top scorer. He could make things difficult inside for the Bees. Several T-Birds can shoot the three.

Box Elder has three players who play much taller than their size because they can jump out of the gym. Jared Quayle, with his fall-away jumpers and slashing-to-the-hoop baskets, has been the offensive show of the tournament. The Bees depend more on their starters and don't have as much offensive punch off the bench as Timpview.

The T-Birds were ranked atop 4A for most of the year and have shown they are still the team to beat. For Box Elder to win the Bees have to get the lead early and then protect it. Gametime is set for today at 5 p.m. at Weber State.


Coach: Perry Wildeboer


Ryan Jackson, F, Sr. , 6-5, 8.2 ppg

A stellar defender in the paint and good rebounder. Gets the tough inside baskets and can also shoot the three.

Ryan Shumpert, F, Sr., 6-3, 5.5 ppg

Very athletic and a great jumper. Can penetrate to score, hits the offensive boards hard and another great defender.

Chris Miles, C, Jr., 6-10, 10.6 ppg

The best center in the tournament. The T-Birds top rebounder and also had eight blocks against Cyprus. Has also picked up his scoring in the tournament to lead the team offensively.

Matt Pinegar, G, Jr., 6-0, 13.1 ppg

The T-Birds' floor general and main scoring threat during the regular season. Penetrates, stops on a dime and can knock down the three.

Tanner Harmon, G. Sr., 6-3, 6.5 ppg

Sometimes goes unnoticed, but leave him open and he'll kill you from three-point range. Another good defender.

Bench: The T-Birds are deep with a bench that averages about 15 ppg. They lose nothing when Brad Shumpert, Matt Mortensen, Andrew Low and Taylor Jackson spell the starters.


Coach: Keith Mecham


Corey Kaminska, F, Sr., 6-4, 16.8 ppg

The Bees leading scorer during the regular season. Doesn't take bad shots, good penetrater and tough around the basket. A solid defender and smart player.

Robert Steed, F, Sr. , 6-5, 9.9 ppg

One of Bees' great jumpers. Will hurt you inside and is the Bees' best three-point shooter. Also a great offensive rebounder and best inside defender.

Jordan Meyer, C, Sr., 6-4, 7.8 ppg

Solid defender in the paint and a good rebounder on both ends of the court. Knows when it's time to score and when it's time to let someone else do it.

Jared Qyayle, G, Sr., 6-0, 16.8 ppg

The Bees top scorer in the tournament. Very quick and another great leaper. Can create his own shot, shoots good on the run and a great slasher to the hoop. Plays much taller than his height.

Mike Frandsen, G. Jr., 5-10, 3.8 ppg.

The floor leader for Box Elder and assist leader. Won't take a lot of shots, but gets the ball to those who should. Probably the Bees best defender, the one called on to shut down the opponent's scoring guard.

Bench: Chet Gardner is a three-point threat at guard. Matt Putnam is a huge body who takes up a lot of space inside, is tough to shoot over and plays physical defense when needed. Chad Bischoff provides adequate relief for the Bees' front line.