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Young mens' T-shirts state stand on modesty

GILBERT, Ariz. — Taking a stand on the modesty issue isn't just for young women. Two young men at Highland High School in Gilbert, Ariz., decided to voice their opinions about it in a bold way. They proudly wear T-shirts they had printed with these words emblazoned across their chests: "Modest are the hottest."

Andrew Packer, 15, and Arthur Schmeiser, 18, both of the Gilbert Val Vista Stake, came up with the idea for the shirt.

"Andrew and I are both preparing for our missions," said Arthur. "It's hard to keep our thoughts clean when girls are wearing practically nothing. We wanted to show that we're passionate about this. We really do like girls who dress modestly."

On the back of the shirts the words, "I love modest women," are printed in nine languages, including barcode.

Andrew and Arthur aren't the only ones wearing them, either.

Since they had the shirts professionally printed in October, they sold out the first batch of 45 shirts to their friends at school. Now they are selling from the second batch of 150 and they are starting to see youth from other schools wearing them around town.

"I think it has made an impact," said Andrew. "The first day that we wore them there were a couple of girls who looked at our shirts and then looked down at what they were wearing."

"It just hit them," said Arthur. "We could just tell."

"The next day those girls were wearing more modest clothes," added Andrew. "That's really cool."

The teens said they think a lot of girls wear immodest clothing in an attempt to get noticed. "If they dress scantily, then they think guys will go after them," said Arthur. "We wanted to emphasize that good guys aren't going after girls dressing immodestly."

Both Andrew and Arthur say they think some girls are genuinely surprised when they find out that there are guys who don't like too tight, strapless or spaghetti strap shirts, midriff showing, or short shorts. This has given the guys an opportunity to share what they think about the way girls dress.

"I really do think the girls take it into consideration," Arthur said. "We've had a lot of girls thank us for wearing the shirts."

"They tell us they feel like they can dress more modestly now without being made fun of," added Andrew. "It's cool to take a stand."