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World datelines


BUENOS AIRES — Under fire because of a new book that documents for the first time how Juan Peron clandestinely maneuvered to bring Nazi and other war criminals to Argentina after World War II, the Peronist government here is resisting calls to release long-secret official records about the collaboration.


BEIJING — A senior general defended China's plans to boost military spending by nearly 10 percent this year, saying outlays are still smaller than those of many nations.

BEIJING — College students in the heart of urban northern China expressed surprise to learn that a farmworker from the south had confessed to planting bombs on their campuses.


BOGOTA — Threats from leftist rebels in two government-designated security zones have forced more than a dozen municipal officials to resign, a newspaper reported Saturday.


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A terror suspect tried to commit suicide in U.S. detention at Guantanamo Bay, a military spokesman said. It was the 21st suicide attempt at the camp since it was set up in January 2002. The detainee was treated at the base hospital and was under medical observation, Lt. Col. Barry Johnson said by telephone from the base.


LONDON — Adam Faith, a square-jawed British singer who was briefly a Cockney challenger to Elvis Presley's rock 'n' roll crown, died Saturday. He was 62. Faith suffered a heart attack in Stoke-on-Trent in central England, where he was appearing in a play, his agent Alan Field said.


TEHRAN — Hundreds of Iranian women marked International Women's Day on Saturday with a demonstration demanding equal social and political rights to men, a first in this conservative male-dominated country since the 1979 Islamic revolution.


NAZARETH — A group of prominent Israeli Arabs is journeying nearly 60 years back in time, planning a pilgrimage to the Auschwitz death camp to lay bare one of the festering roots of the Arab-Jewish conflict — the difficulty each side has in recognizing the other's suffering.


FLORENCE — Fedora Barbieri, whose big, rich, dramatic mezzo-soprano complemented vocal titans including Maria Callas, Jussi Bjorling and Cesare Siepi, among others, died Tuesday. She was 82.

Ivory Coast

ACCRA, Ghana — Ivory Coast's rebels said Saturday they would cede key Cabinet positions in a national reconciliation government if the West African nation's president gives up rights to choose those ministers.


VALLETTA — Tiny, fiercely independent Malta voted Saturday on whether to join the European Union, the first such referendum among 10 nations invited to join the bloc next year.


MEXICO CITY — President Vicente Fox criticized officials in the state of Chihuahua Saturday for not solving a string of brutal rapes and murders in the border city of Ciudad Juarez.


LIMA — The presidents of Peru and Ecuador on Saturday inaugurated a bridge connecting the two nations, nearly five years after the countries ended a long-standing border dispute.

LIMA — Interpol reissued an international arrest warrant charging former Peru President Alberto Fujimori with murder after receiving additional information from the government, officials said Saturday.


BELGRADE — Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian-Serb general indicted on genocide charges from Bosnia's 1992-95 war, is not in Serbia and his whereabouts haven't been known for a year, the interior minister said.


ISTANBUL — The leader of Turkey's ruling party said Saturday he was confident he would win a by-election, putting him in line to become prime minister as the country struggles with whether to deploy more than 60,000 U.S. troops for an Iraq war.

Vatican City

ROME — A Vatican envoy who pleaded with President Bush to avoid a war against Iraq this week said Saturday that American officials had been friendly but that "friendship is not enough."