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Residents upset over 2 shootings

ROSE PARK — Residents here are frustrated about a rental house that has been the scene of two shootings, the most recent leaving a woman with shotgun wounds in her chest and abdomen.

Salt Lake gang detectives are investigating last week's shooting. And police say they've visited the house in the past to investigate gang activity in connection with a 17-year-old boy who lives there.

"One of my officers who works the area says we have been to the house three times recently," Salt Lake Police Lt. John Cribbs said.

Two young men went to the house, near 900 West and 900 North, Wednesday evening "under the false pretense of going to a party," Cribbs said.

The men were told there was no party at the house and were escorted down the sidewalk. About 20 feet away from the house, one man turned and fired at least nine shots from a handgun at the mother, Tammy Huish, and a son, 14, Cribbs said.

Huish was hit in the chest and abdomen; the 14-year-old was unharmed. "I don't think she was the intended victim," Cribbs said.

The two men fled the area. Police are interviewing the 17-year-old son to determine who could be involved in the shooting, Cribbs said.

Huish was transported to LDS Hospital in critical condition following the shooting. By Saturday night she'd been upgraded to fair condition.

On Jan. 8, the 14-year-old son was shot in the hip at the same house. Police don't think he was the intended victim of that shooting, either.

The victim of the Jan. 8 shooting was in the hospital a few days. "He is doing fine," neighbor Melanie Calkins said.

The Calkins family tried to reach out and befriend their neighbors about two years ago, when the Calkins returned from vacation and found their house had been robbed, she said.

A juvenile judge sentenced one of the neighbor family's sons to a detention center in connection with the crime, Calkins said, and the stolen property except two hunting guns were returned.

Calkins, a Rose Park resident for 10 years, said she wishes the landlord would better screen potential tenants. She calls members of her neighborhood Community Action Team, sometimes daily, she said.

"You hear the shots and you're like, 'Where are my kids?' " she said.