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Low-interest loan rescues shelter

TOOELE — It took a village to save a refuge for women and children.

A shelter for victims of domestic violence was nearly out on the street when the owner of the home being leased by the state Division of Child and Family Services defaulted on the mortgage.

The lender, Fannie Mae, held off on foreclosure long enough for the Tooele County Housing Authority to apply for a low-interest loan through the Olene Walker Housing Trust Fund.

"We did stick our neck out," said Housing Authority executive director DeAnn Christiansen. "But it's a risk we were willing to take because we believe in what they're doing."

It's the third time the shelter has been "desperate" for a place to provide its services. In the past, women and children have had to resort to motel rooms for a safe haven. Now the shelter and Tooele County have a lease agreement for the next 10 years.