OREM — Police announced Friday they will not seek criminal charges against the mother or relatives of a 1-year-old baby that was found crawling early Thursday on Orem's high-traffic State Street.

"After looking into this incident and considering the totality of circumstances, it is the opinion of the officers and city prosecutors that no one's conduct rises to the level of negligence that would justify bringing charges," said Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards.

The child was reunited with the mother Friday.

Police say the baby was discovered on State Street about 3 a.m. Thursday by an Orem man, who said he swerved to avoid hitting what he thought was a dog.

Much to the shock of the man, it was a baby crawling along the side of the road, dressed only in a soiled diaper.

While the baby was taken to police headquarters, cleaned up and changed, police went knocking door-to-door to find the baby's family.

Upon first contact, the baby's family told police their baby was fine.

They apparently were afraid to speak to officers. But around 9:30 a.m., the family called to report the infant missing. Edwards said the mother was distraught when she found out where her baby had been.

Police reported the baby was bleeding and had scrapes from crawling on the asphalt.

Edwards said further investigation revealed that the baby's mother was working two jobs and had left the baby in the care of her sister and other family members. Sometime in the early morning the baby managed to get past a screen door and out onto the street.

While police have decided not to pursue criminal charges, Edwards said officials with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services will continue with their investigation.

If DCFS officials come up with any new information regarding the treatment of the child, Edwards said criminal charges may still be considered.

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