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Banning of leis is wrong

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It is ironic that on the same day gays and lesbians participating in the Utah Pride Day parade are given coverage in your paper, there is also a report of the principal of Woods Cross High School banning Pacific Islander students from wearing leis at graduation. Why are gays and lesbians given the freedom and joy of basking in the sunshine of their differentness while Pacific Islander students are denied the same privileges?

It is a well-known fact in the Pacific Islander community that less than a third of our ninth graders make it through to graduation. Most either drop out or transfer to alternative high schools. So graduation from high school is a real cause for celebration.

Pacific Islander students are vying for the chance to celebrate who and what they are, in front of proud parents, family and friends. The principal of Woods Cross High School should have a better reason than the one he gave for the banning of leis. Otherwise, it is old-fashioned bigotry.

Uinise Langi

Salt Lake City