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Keep track of video and DVD rentals

And make use of those empty spaghetti jars

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Dear Heloise: I read the hint recently about keeping track of rented movies. We also have a system for keeping track of movies we want to rent. We got tired of scrounging the shelves (of the video store — H) looking for something we haven't seen or that we wanted to see when it was in theaters.

We created a file on the computer called "Movies I Want to Rent." It's a simple, single-column spreadsheet. Every week or so, we peruse the newspaper for movies showing that we think we or the kids would like to see, then we add them to the list.

When we are ready to go to the video store, we print the list. If the movies are on current release, we bypass them and wait a few weeks until they rent at a cheaper price. When we rent a movie, we just delete it from the list. This has really worked well for us! — Todd Benick, Carlisle, Pa.

Renting movies can be a money-saving and fun way to entertain the family and spend time together. Love your hint. — Heloise

Dear Heloise:I hate to throw away those great jars that spaghetti sauce comes in. Most jars even have measurements on them that can easily be seen once the label has been removed. Here are some uses I have found for them:

Store leftovers.

Keep extra buttons in one.

Put cotton balls in one.

Store cotton-tipped swabs.

— Kerry from Colorado

Here are two great hints from Louise Tucker of Battle Ground, Wash.:

Watering plants: I put a few drops of food coloring in my milky-looking, plastic garden spray containers to help me see the levels of water I am pouring in.

Advertising magnet: When I get the little free advertising magnets that are meant for my refrigerator, I glue pictures of my grandkids over the tops. Rubber cement works great, as does double-sided tape.

Dear Heloise:I use a crocheted nylon-net scrubber for almost everything, including cleaning my baseboards and the carpet edge next to the baseboard. It works wonderfully. I use a plastic water bottle with a spout to water houseplants. You can easily insert it between the leaves of the plant and give the plant a squirt of water. — Mary Hilbert, Mesa, Ariz.

Dear Heloise: Why do bread companies insist on wrapping rye bread in cellophane instead of a sturdy plastic wrap, as they do other breads? Once you tear open the cellophane, there is no way to close it to keep the bread fresh. You have to find a plastic bag to put it in. — Nickie Clawson, Lancaster, Calif.

I would love to know the answer, too! — Heloise

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