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‘World’s Finest’ comic returns

DC bringing back legendary team Aug. 20

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When DC Comics ended the "World's Finest" comic in 1985 after almost three decades and 300-plus issues, it left one of the biggest voids ever in its lineup. After all, Superman and Batman — stars of the former comic — are its two greatest properties.

Now, DC is bringing back this legendary team, of sorts, with a new "Superman/Batman" comic premiering Aug. 20 — a monthly book, selling for $2.95.

Plot of the first issue is a new, improved Metallo attacking both Metropolis and Gotham. That brings the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight to join forces. A subplot has Lex Luthor organizing a group of heroes to shadow and help Superman. Of course, Luthor doesn't really want to help Superman in the long run.

The original World's Finest comic had the two heroes being a little too chummy most of the time. However, the new versions have an uneasy alliance as a "Year One" miniseries featuring the two characters is explored.

A rumored appearance by Bruce Wayne in a future "Smallville" TV episode and the Superman-Batman major motion picture idea being bounced around for the past

few years add relevance to this new comic series.

REVISED WEB SITE — DC Comics has kept its same Web address, www.dccomics.com, but has dramatically reworked its site. It seems a little busy on its main page, but the message boards have been simplified. Fans can also look ahead some three months to read the plots, prices and release dates of future comics.

In the past, DC has never made last minute changes to weekly shipment listings. Thus, the Diamond Comics Web site, www.diamondcomics.com, remains the best way to know which comics — from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse — are actually coming to your local comics store each week.

Fans also have the option of mail subscriptions for their favorite comic books, but these arrive 10 days to two weeks later than they appear in the stores. Yet, for comics fans who live outside the Wasatch Front, where there are no comics speciality stores, this remains the best option.

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