Location: Salt Lake Valley (six locations).

Role/mission: Type IV institution, comprehensive community college offering associate degrees and certificate programs. Prepares students to transfer to upper-division programs and provides applied technology training related to current job market needs. Faculty members are expected to have work experience as well as professional credentials. Teachers spend at least 30 credit hours annually in the classroom.

Admission requirements: Open enrollment, with testing for appropriate placement. Offers remediation and prerequisite courses, with strong student services.

Enrollment 2002-03: 23,825 head count.

Degrees granted 2001-02: Certificates, 220; associate degrees, 2,556; total 2,776.

Tuition and fees: Resident, $1,890; nonresident, $5,800 (two full semesters).

Acting President Judd Morgan: "Our strengths lie in our employees, our students and our desires to help them achieve at whatever level they have as goals when they come to our college. Our doors are open to all students. We also reach into the community and react to requests and desires of employers, tailoring programs to meet their needs. Our challenges are in the growth that is occurring and how we can maintain quality when we are asked to do more with less funding. Technology is a great help, but we can't continue to do more and maintain high quality without more money."