Police have released the names of the three people shot and killed in Saturday's triple homicide; however, they lack solid motives, suspects, witnesses and leads.

Aristeo Torres, 30, Juan Alberto Ruiz, 40, and Lorie Roberta Gurule, 22, were shot and killed about 3 a.m. Saturday inside a sport-utility vehicle parked at 7-Eleven, 960 W. North Temple.

Witnesses reported seeing either a white Camaro or four-door sedan speed away from the parking lot about the same time as the shooting.

But detectives have not received any more specific details since the shooting, Peck said.

"They don't have anything new. They're following up on leads," Peck said. "And they're obscure leads at this point. There's nothing there, no solid leads at this time."

Police were interviewing the victims' families Sunday. They learned that Gurule was the mother to two children, ages 2 and 4, and had left them with a baby sitter in Sandy Saturday. The children were placed in state custody, Peck said.

The three had left a party together about 30 minutes before they were killed. They then went to the convenience store. The SUV was backed into a parking stall, and the engine was still running when the shots were fired, Peck said.

Police do not want to comment on who was driving the SUV and where the two passengers sat, Peck said.

Torres, Ruiz and Gurule were dead by the time police arrived at the scene, about three minutes after they were called, Peck said.

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