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Don’t see ‘Singles Ward’

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Why do so many people in this community support the movie "Singles Ward"? The opening song is "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ." It is jazzed up and used as background music.

This is the theme for the Primary Sacrament presentation for every ward and branch for the LDS Church this year. Children all over the world will be singing this song sincerely, as an expression of belief and gratitude.

Even more offensive is the jazzed up "Come, Come Ye Saints" at the end of the movie. When the young men are racing to the airport, one of our most beloved hymns, certainly our most recognized, is put to rock music and sung in a harsh, straight-from-the-throat manner. This song originated during the hardships of the trek to Salt Lake City. It is sung now during hardships. When sung sincerely, it inspires faith amidst difficulties. Because this movie's producers have overlooked the meaning of the music, I would encourage us, as a community, to leave this movie alone.

Rhonda Loveless