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The winners and the losers

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Winner: The creative spirit is what drives a healthy economy. In that case, Utah's future looks bright. Nine people were honored this week with Utah Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards. These were the best among 32 finalists — people who have turned innovative ideas into ventures that make money and employ people.

The annual contest (of which this newspaper is a sponsor) has had great success in Utah. Four state winners have gone on in years past to win national awards, and seven of them were national finalists. That says a lot about the vision, energy and optimism of people in this state.

Loser: State officials said this week they have discovered that boarding schools in Utah are virtually free from government scrutiny, which ought to be a concern to everyone. People with a history of sexual abuse or with other problems are free to work at these facilities, which typically handle troubled teenagers and children as young as 10. No one has to undergo a background check. The state has no mechanism for licensing the schools. Allegations of abuses abound. And some operators of these schools contribute heavily to political campaigns.

Sounds like state lawmakers have some work to do.

Winner: Scared of needles poking into your skin? Tired of flu shots that leave your arm sore for days? Take heart, sort of. The federal government is close to approving a flu vaccine that could be administered through a nasal spray.

The only problem is the spray may have harmful side effects for the very young and the elderly. So, in the meantime, it may be available only for those between the ages of 5 and 49. Still, for people who hate the sight of a needle, that's nothing to sneeze at.