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We need the Patriot Act

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As a combat veteran of World War II and Korea, Aaron Turpen's editorial comments scare me to death (Readers' Forum, June 17). He does not seem to realize we are at war. WWIII has started, and we have a deadly enemy.

As a veteran of Okinawa, I endured 6,000 kamikaze suicide bombings in 90 days. Our civilians should never have to experience that. Compare our lives under the Patriot Act with President Roosevelt's actions in WWII: (1) the internment of Japanese, German and Italian citizens for up to four years; (2) the freezing of all wages; (3) severe restrictions on motor vehicle use; (4) the rationing of foods; (5) blackouts; (6) the drafting of citizens who were given six weeks of training and handed a rifle.

Loss of human rights and civil liberties are a temporary necessity of wartime. Did we lose our rights permanently after WWII? No. When the war was over, all of the restrictions were lifted. Thank God we have Sen. Hatch and Attorney General Ashcroft to "provide for the common defense" under the Constitution.

Richard C. Sharp

Lt. Colonel, USAF (R)