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Local births

Due to recent changes in federal legislation (the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), some hospitals have decided to no longer release information on babies born after April 13, 2003. The Deseret News will no longer receive birth lists from Alta View, American Fork, Cottonwood, LDS, McKay Dee and Orem hospitals and Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Birth and Family Place

MENLOVE, Dana Doherty and Mark, Park City, girl, June 10

Davis Hospital and Medical Center

ARGYLE, Laurie and Layne Owen, Layton, girl, May 23

BORUP, Kara Merz and Jason Stewart, Ogden, boy, May 26

BRAILSFORD, Nicole JoAnne and Scott K., North Salt Lake, girl, May 25

BUTCHER, Christie Lynn and Michael Meyring, Hill Air Field Base, girl, May 23

CELLA, Melissa Jil and Bryan Christopher, Syracuse, girl, May 27

CHARLESWORTH, Karen and Jason Ray, Roy, boy, May 25

CHRISTENSEN, Jennie and Andrew Gordon, Sunset, boy, May 24

DE TORRES, Mayte and TORRES PACHECO, Alejandro, Layton, boy, May 27

DONCOUSE, Laura and Jason Wesley, Syracuse, boy, May 29

EARL, Caroline and Christopher Lloyd, Clinton, girl, May 23

ELKINS, Siri and Darren Roy, Syracuse, girl, May 28

GLEED, Sayonara Teresa and Mark Lyle, Clearfield, girl, May 24

HART, Brooke and Jed Rollins, Salt Lake City, boy, May 28

HOWES, Anette and Shane Douglas, Syracuse, boy, May 27

HUEFNER, Tammy Louise and Joseph Crandall, Bountiful, boy, May 27

KELLER, Catherine Alice, Layton, girl, May 24

LINSLEY, Camille Dawn and Allen Michael, Layton, boy, May 24

MAGRUDER, Amy and David William, Clearfield, boy, May 29

MARTINEZ, Melanie Renae and Marty john, Layton, girl, May 29

MATHIS, Rebekah, Brigham City, girl, May 27

MERCADO, Bella Angelina and Sinuhe Isaac, Ogden, girl, May 27

MERRILL, Kristine Ray and Micah Hill, West Bountiful, girl, May 27

NANNEY, Jennifer Marie and Chad William, Clinton, boy, May 24

REDD, Sunee Mechelle and Jonathan David, Farmington, twins boy and girl, May 28

ROGERS, Heather Dawn and Ernst Alfred Jr., Hill Air Force Base, boy, May 26

SCHOW, Ruth Kiyo and Steven Nile, Centerville, girl, May 25

SCOTT, Cassie and Russell Marion, Ogden, girl, May 23

SLAGOWSKI, Kelly Ann and Joshua Mark, Layton, boy, May 25

SMITH, Emily and Jared Tyler, Clearfield, girl, May 29

SONOGNINI, Jennifer and Michael Herbert, Riverdale, girl, May 24

SPEIER, Ami Michelle and Grayson Oliver, Clearfield, girl, May 25

STEAB, Mary Jean and David Alan, Layton, boy, May 29

TAKARA, Susan Malia and Colin Grant, Kaysville, girl, May 28

TAYLOR, Meridith and James Stewart, Layton, girl, May 29

THOMAS, Janae and Robert D., Roy, boy, May 23

TIDWELL, Jessica June and David Clark, Centerville, boy, May 28

URENA, Mayra Cecilia and Refugio Moreno, Clearfield, girl, May 25

VICKERY, Christie and AUSTIN, Lonnie David, Clearfield, boy, May 27

WEEMS, Stephanie Jo and David Earl, Riverdale, boy, May 28

WILDING, Angela Kay and Michael Shane, West Valley City, girl, May 27

WILLDEN, Megan Lee and MORANN, Gary Kay Jr., Bountiful, boy, May 28

Lakeview Hospital

ALLEN, Katherine and Brent, Kaysville, boy, June 7

ANDELIN, Sarah and Chad, Bountiful, boy, May 27

ANGELBUER, Kerry and Dino, Centerville, girl, May 29

BRIERLEY, Annie and Sam, Centerville, girl, May 19

CALDWELL, Annie and James, Bountiful, boy, May 31

CHARRETT, Aaron and SOKOL, Mike, Bountiful, boy, May 27

CORBRIDGE, Jennifer and Scott, West Bountiful, girl, June 11

DART, Allison and Boyd, Woods Cross, girl, June 17

DEVORE, Tara and Ryan, Woods Cross, boy, June 16

DIAZ, Carrie and Miguel, Bountiful, boy, June 4

DROMMOND, Janeil and David, Bountiful, girl, June 10

FOSTER, Teri and Scott, Bountiful, girl, May 24

HALL, Kathy and Shawn, Centerville, boy, May 24

HESS, Susan and Brandon, girl, June 1

HILL, Jodi and JONES, Jake, West Bountiful, girl, June 5

JOHNSON, Sharla and Steven, Layton, girl, May 29

MILLETT, Katherine and David, Bountiful, boy, June 12

ORTEGA, Lovina and Jose, West Valley City, boy, June 3

PATTESON, Amy, Kaysville, girl, June 16

PHIPPS, Tamera and Bryan, Kaysville, girl, May 20

RIOS, Wendy and SMITH, Gary, West Bountiful, girl, June 3

ROGERS, Natalia and William, Bountiful, boy, June 17

RUSSON, Natalie and Milton, Centerville, boy, June 13

SKALKA, Christine and David, Bountiful, boy, May 29

SMALL, Angelina and Chad, North Salt Lake, boy, June 8

STRINGHAM, Sherri and Dwight, Centerville, boy, June 19

ZAUGG, Melia and Nathan, Centerville, boy, May 30