A new stake has been created in Utah.

The Alpine Utah West Stake, which includes the Alpine 3rd, 5th, 10th, Canyon Crest, Lone Peak, Mountainville 2nd and Willow Canyon (Young Single Adult) wards, has been created by Elder John H. Groberg of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Korea, Philippines, Samoa and South Africa, and in Utah.


ALPINE UTAH WEST STAKE: (June 1, 2003) Created from the Alpine Utah and Alpine Utah North Stakes. President — Conrad Arthur Gottfredson, 50, president of Conduit TecKnowledgy; wife, Yvonne Clarke Gottfredson. Counselors — Richard Anderson Hintze, 61, president of Intermountain CSI; wife, Maralyn Kane Hintze. David Sterling Johnson, 52, pediatrician at Alpine Pediatrics; wife, Joan Elaine Hails Johnson.


ALPINE UTAH NORTH STAKE: (June 1, 2003) President — Robert G. Allred, 61, president of Alpine Technical Services; succeeding Terry Lance Brown; wife, Karen Sue Pehrson Allred. Counselors — Brent Lee Barton, 46, president of Business Resource Net; wife, Ilene Tucker Barton. Gregory Scott Butterfield, 43, president and chief executive officer of Altiris; wife, Shelly Renee Daines Butterfield.

DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA STAKE: (May 18, 2003) President — Charles Dupree Naismith, 52, owner of Uniglobe Travel; succeeding Ian Cameron; wife, Sandra Mary Cooper McDonald Naismith. Counselors — Anil Rajpaul Salick, 28, training consultant for MCA Training International; wife, Rondro Mbolatiano Salick. Charles Bafana Magaqa, 44, CES regional coordinator; wife, Phumzile Doreen Magaqa.

GWANGJU KOREA STAKE: (May 25, 2003) President — Yong Hyun Cho, 45, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Lim Jong Ha; wife, Eun Sook Lee. Counselors — Jeong Gyoo Yoon, 40, high school teacher for the educational public service; wife, Eun Sook Choi. Seong Jin An, 38, self-employed; wife, Young Ju Son.

OREM UTAH SUNSET HEIGHTS STAKE: (June 8, 2003) President — Ronald Aaron Stoddard, 54, neonatology physician at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center; succeeding Ronald Kurt Hawkins; wife, Barbara Jean Turner Stoddard. Counselors — David Douglas Jenkins, 47, vice president of marketing at Arkona; wife, Marilyn Allred Jenkins. Dean Hansen Bowen, 50, agent for State Farm Insurance; wife, Velda Mae Cramer Bowen.

OROQUIETA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 1, 2003) President — Albert Mondalo Tero, 43, supply officer for the provincial government of Oroquieta City; succeeding Arturo Bugas Macalisang; wife, Ruby Pastrano Sy Tero. Counselors — Hurley Homillada Enguito, 34, teacher at Looc National High School; wife, Alma Lopez Sabillo Enguito. Wilson Uy Grancina, 50, proprietor of Zira Maintenance and General Services; wife, Oliva Dugso Caylan Grancina.

RICHFIELD UTAH EAST STAKE: (May 4, 2003) President — Wayne Kay Fillmore, 50, administrative service manager for the Department of Workforce Services; succeeding David Alten Christensen; wife, Janet Anderson Fillmore. Counselors — Dallen C. Quarnberg, 53, district director for the U.S. Department of Agriculture; wife, Suzanne Gregory Quarnberg. Richard James Jordan, 53, area relay technician for Utah Power and Light; wife, Virginia Richards Jordan.

SALT LAKE HOLLADAY SOUTH STAKE: (June 8, 2003) President — Michael Hal Bourne, 47, orthopedic surgeon; succeeding Howard James Williams Jr.; wife, Judi Fullmer Bourne. Counselors — Mark Leonard Pace, 46, senior project manager at The Boyer Company; wife, Anne Marie Langeland Pace. Paul Bryson Stringham, 46, self-employed commercial real estate agent; wife, Kimberly Carabine Stringham.

SALT LAKE MILLCREEK STAKE: (June 1, 2003) President — Glen Allen Hoggan, 72, regional manager at Harper Row Publishing; succeeding Donald Victor Crook; wife, LeRae Christensen Hoggan. Counselors — Norman Bowen Smith, 71, retired; wife, Santos (Sandy) Garza Smith. Bryce Kay Hinckley, 46, owner of United Media; wife, Patricia Liddle Hinckley.

SALT LAKE MONUMENT PARK NORTH STAKE: (June 8, 2003) President — Stanley Craig Omer, 54, managing partner of KPMG, LLP; succeeding Robert Lewis Bauman; wife, Catherine Jean Cooper Omer. Counselors — Daniel Stoddard McConkie, 48, lawyer at Kirton & McConkie; wife, Elisabeth Wirthlin McConkie. Richard Howard Thornton, 50, attorney for Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler; wife, Kathryn Sue Bailey Thornton.

SALT LAKE SUGAR HOUSE STAKE: (June 1, 2003) President — Ryan Kirk Olsen, 28, management consultant for Global Vision Group; succeeding Robert Lynn Miner; wife, Julie Darrington Olsen. Counselors — Joe Cecil Hallman, 47, project manager at Utah Power and Light; wife, Anita Young Hallman. John Alfredo de la Cruz, 32, chief financial officer at Vista Capital Inc.; wife, Melissa Marchant de la Cruz.

UPOLU SAMOA EAST STAKE: (Feb. 2, 2003) President — Peleiupu Nifo Young Yen, 45, manager at Ensign, Peleiupu Nifo Construction; succeeding Leafi Talataina; wife, Diana Key Young Yen. Counselors — Valai Solomona, 69; wife, Folesi Valai. Kapeneta Laiti, 43; wife, Iliafi Misaletty Valasi.