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Y. professor appears on NBC 'Today' show

She has been doing study on cystic fibrosis

PROVO — NBC's "Today" show featured Brigham Young University political science professor Valerie Hudson and her cystic fibrosis study as part of its medical coverage on June 16.

Hudson, who has three children with the genetic disease, has garnered much publicity for her ongoing study, which tests levels of glutathione — a protein found naturally in the body that regulates the immune system — against cystic fibrosis symptoms.

The professor became interested in glutathione levels after researching the illness, which clogs lungs and digestive tracts with thick mucus. Hudson's research has shown a reduction in chronic symptoms among patients who, like her own children, take glutathione supplements.

Cystic fibrosis patients or family members interested in the study can receive more information by contacting

A transcript of the "Today" broadcast is also available online at .