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Thanks to kind strangers

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This is to celebrate "random acts of kindness." Last evening, my 9-month-old grandson was in a crisis. My daughter-in-law and grandchildren and I were shopping at the Thrift Town. The keys were accidentally locked in the car along with the baby in his car seat.

The late afternoon sun was beating down on him . Though I called 911, strangers helped us. One provided a table cloth to cover the heated window. Several young men offered help and shared their concern. I am especially grateful to the man who had the locksmith tool, which he used after many attempts to unlock the front door.

After about 15 minutes, baby Jordan was out. Though flushed, sweaty and crying, he was OK. I appreciate those who are paid to be helpful (firemen, paramedics, sheriff, ambulance services), but I also thank the caring strangers.

Elmary Davidson

Salt Lake City