Regarding disgust with immigrants: Bravo, Ms. Talbot. Why don't we take your ideas one step further and erect an electric fence around the country and instruct the border guards to "shoot to kill"?

It amazes me when individuals who bask in the multitude of freedoms and blessings that this country affords them sneer at others who want to live here.

I think people forget too readily how most of our grandparents, no matter how far back, came to this country nearly destitute looking for opportunity and a new life. "Americans" did not want the Irish, Italians, any Eastern European or Jew to come to this country. Contrary to some opinions, illegal aliens are not greasy denizens of a dark alley waiting to steal your purse or rob your house. Instead of perpetuating such a destructively arrogant idea, we should be incredibly grateful that we are here and should strive to help those who desire a better life to achieve it.

Dan Simpson

Salt Lake City