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Spectrum in St. George buys production facility

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ST. GEORGE (AP) — The Spectrum has purchased a production facility in the Fort Pierce Industrial Park.

The 28,800-square-foot facility will house an 11-unit Goss Urbanite Press with twice the speed, capacity and color capability of the current printing press, said Scott Porter, the newspaper's production director.

Operations are to begin in November.

Since 1985, the newspaper has been produced on a more than 40-year-old Goss Community Press located in the St. George Boulevard office. The Spectrum contracted other publications the press could not accommodate to printing facilities in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.

"The (new) facility will enable us to bring more of that printing to Southern Utah, meaning job growth," said Brent Low, president and publisher of The Spectrum.

The Spectrum is owned by Gannett Co., based in McLean, Va.