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Cast members help open museum for film classic

SHARE Cast members help open museum for film classic

Four cast members from "Gone With the Wind" will be in Marietta, Ga., this weekend for the opening of a museum collection devoted to the 1939 film.

Cammie King Conlon, who played Scarlett and Rhett's 5-year-old daughter, Bonnie Blue Butler, is among those attending. Also expected are Fred Crane, who played Brent Tarleton; Mickey Kuhn, who played Beau Wilkes; and Patrick Curtis, who played Beau Wilkes as an infant.

Conlon, 68, is still awe-struck by fans' obsession with all things "Gone With the Wind."

"It's a phenomenon. It just captures the hearts of people, and it's gaining new generations all of the time," she said Thursday. "That's the thrill of it."

The "Gone With the Wind" Weekend Extravaganza was beginning Friday with a free screening of the film. Saturday's activities include a breakfast with the cast members, an autograph session and a tour of the museum.

The visit of four of the 10 surviving cast members of the Academy Award-winning movie marks the first for each of them to the year-old Gone With the Wind Movie Museum.

Among the items in the collection are the bengaline gown Scarlett O'Hara wore on her New Orleans honeymoon with Rhett Butler, books, lithographs and programs.