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Council photos say a lot

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Two pictures accompanied Brady Snyder's article about the Main Street Plaza City Council hearing. I was struck by the narrative of the photographs themselves.

Amanda Foreman was neatly dressed in attire totally befitting an appearance before the City Council. This is, after all, a formal setting at which the members of the council are dressed in suits, ties and other more formal clothing. In her modest dress she described the verbal abuse she was forced to endure on a day which should be one of life's most gleaming and splendid moments.

And there was Mr. Pursifull, wrinkled T-shirt emblazoned with fire and brimstone, oversized crumpled pants and a look which screams, "I'll do whatever I want to do!" He was arguing for the right to vilify, besmirch and castigate anyone he chose to single out, all because of his "rights" under the Constitution.

One sought beauty, joy and happiness; the other offered coarse rebukes, inflammatory sermonizing and profanity.

Michael T. Hannan

Salt Lake City