FORT WORTH, Texas — Carlton Dotson, a former teammate of missing Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy, will not talk to police again unless he is ordered to do so by a judge because of how Waco authorities are handling the case, his attorney said Wednesday.

Dotson has been questioned once by a Waco detective who went to Virginia Beach, Va., after Dennehy's sport utility vehicle was found in a mall parking lot two weeks ago. Dotson had already returned to his Hurlock, Md., home for the summer. An unidentified informant told Delaware authorities that Dotson told a cousin he shot Dennehy in the head as the two argued while shooting guns near Waco, according to court documents. Dennehy, a 6-foot-10, 230-pound center, has not been heard from since mid-June.

Waco police have called Dotson a "person of interest." No charges have been filed in the case.

Dennehy's mother, Valorie Brabazon of Carson City, Nev., said when she talked to Baylor coaches after her son disappeared, they told her that he had complained about being stalked. One coach said he had not called authorities because Dennehy didn't mention anyone by name or ask for help, Brabazon said. Dotson's attorney, Grady Irvin Jr., said he told Waco police in a letter Tuesday to contact him if detectives wanted to interview Dotson. Irvin said the letter was private but that Waco authorities misconstrued it and then told the news media about it.

"I am announcing that my client will now only respond to a duly issued subpoena by an appropriate judge," Irvin, a St. Petersburg, Fla., attorney known for representing athletes, said Wednesday. "We regret having to do this but it has become clear that authorities in Waco appear to be more concerned with sending out e-mails and press releases to the media and selectively disseminating information that has been intentionally misconstrued." In a news release issued earlier Wednesday, Waco police spokesman Steve Anderson said Irvin sent a fax to the department indicating that Dotson, through his attorney, was willing to talk to an investigator. Anderson said he did not know when or where the interview would take place.

Dotson, a 6-7 junior, had been staying at Dennehy's apartment since he and his wife of eight months separated in April.