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Fireworks not for pets

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Fireworks are no fun for furry folks, the Humane Society of Utah is reminding pet owners as the July 24th holiday approaches.

According to the Humane Society, all pets should be put indoors well before dark on the day of the festivities, whether it's in the house or the garage.

"A really frightened animal can even leap over a high fence, so the yard isn't necessarily adequate protection," Gene Baierschmidt, society executive director, said. "Also, the animal will suffer less emotional trauma if he's inside a secure room, rather than right out in the midst of the noise and activity."

He also suggests that the family spend some time reassuring and comforting a pet who is reacting negatively to the excitement.

Pets should also be protected from the physical injuries that can be caused by backyard fireworks.

"Animals' hair coats are susceptible to catching fire, even from something as innocent as a sparkler," he said. "And they're just as vulnerable as children are to tragic accidents that could cause the loss of an eye or a limb, and should be guarded against these disasters with the same concern as children."

For more information, call the Humane Society at 261-2919.