Your mayor is a piece of work! The downtown Farmers Market, held each Saturday at Pioneer Park, will be a success in spite of Mayor Rocky Anderson. The Downtown Alliance sponsors this great market, and there are many vendors who pay their share and show up each week to help make the market work.

Now the mayor comes over on Saturday and gives a speech promoting what he calls the "free area" in the park. Out of one side of his face, he says that he supports the Farmers Market. Out of the other he promotes the free area where no fees are paid for doing the same thing 100 feet away at the "real" market.

He is not only telling all farmers and artists in the "real market" that we are stupid to pay for space when we can come to the free area, he is also, again, stabbing the Downtown Alliance in the back.

The main market will make it without his help because we support the Downtown Alliance and we pay and show up each week at the right time and place.

K.L. Halterman